Meli & Moli - Heart Energy Bottle Rose Quartz halskæde


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Meli & Moli - Heart Energy Bottle Rose Quartz  halskæde



Material:Rose Quartz


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A symbol of love, sincerity, and attraction, this
Rose Quartz Energy Bottle makes our feelings and
joy richer. Rose quartz resonates with the third-eye
chakra right behind the forehead between the
brows. It has a gentle energy, which gradually
softens negative energies and reinforces positive
energies. For women, it increases their charm. It
helps us clear emotional barriers to achieve the love
we want and activates intentions and knowledge
deep in our heart as well as the wondrous force of
maturity. The gentle pink waves of rose quartz can
help make love flow smoother and help us forgive
ourselves. It is a true energy stone with unique
healing effects.

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